MECOMB THAILAND LIMITED, established in 1967 have since grown to become a major contributor to the Thai economy with annual gross profit of over B100 million and a staff strength of 75.
            One of the Company’s core business is the distribution of electrical components such as relays, encoders, pushbuttons, indicating lights, display lights, touch panels, terminals, switching power supplies, programmable logic controllers (PLC), proximity switches, photoelectric switches, labeling machines, programmable timers, counter, stainless steel fittings, tubing, NGV conversion kits and many other components that are widely used in NGV refilled  station and automotives. We have a warehouse that carries more than 30,000 line items to serve the immediate need of customers in these market sectors.
             The Company have a team of software engineers to develop customized carpark management and CCTV systems to serve local requirement of commercial buildings, hotels, shopping malls, condominium and Government buildings, Carry in stock to serve this market sector are wide range of parking, CCTV and fire alarm equipment and we provide 24-hour after sales service. To name a few on our customer list art : Fashion Island, The Emporium, Siam Center, Exchange Tower, Platinum Fashion Mall, Siam Paragon and The Mall.

             The Company has  design and manufacturing facilities in Singapore that produce filter presser and industrial fans. As such, we are becoming a leading supplier filter presses to contractors in the waste, water and food processing industrial sectors. Our industrial fans are custom made for contractors in the dust and fume collection industrial sector, Above all, we are the primary source for quality air handling equipment and we have a team of trained sales engineers to assist in the selection of the most suitable type of fan for a particular type of application in industrial sectors such as cement plant, steel mill. Power plant, feed mill, rice mill and so on. To name a few on our customer list are : Siam Cement, Maxxis, Rachaburi Power Plant, Bangkok Steel Mill, Malayan

          We focus our efforts on ensuring our policies and programs support this strategy. From the traditional learning and development programs that are structured, developed and conducted by our Business School, to innovative practices like individual and team based action learning programs, e-learning as well as local and international rotational assignments, we aim to be the catalyst for our employees to realize their true potential.


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Mecomb is committed to achieve sustainable business growth through:- An environment that thrives on Commitment, Learning and Development, Excellence and Achievement.- Building strategic business partnership for distribution of premium engineering products

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